Her father owned his own bread route aka “el panadero”, and her grandma owned her own botanica. She continues the entrepreneurial spirit with her own law office.


She began her virtual law office with the lessons she learned from designing and managing, one of the first Latino websites on the internet. It was so successful that it was stolen from the internet by cyber-squatting.  As a lawyer she waded through the murky waters of cyberlaw and got her website back.  Jennese was an influencer before they even had a name for it! also became her voice to the world and she blogged and was vocal about anything on her mind.  Her blogging grew into writing and she launched her first book, I am My Grandmother's Daughter.


LaDiva became her alter-ego. Many call her simply LaDiva.  However you know her, as a Designer, Influencer, Vocalist, or Author,  (she swapped the A of Attorney for Author), you begin to wonder...  Which came first LaDiva or Jennese? No one really knows for sure!


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